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Psoriasis- The Ayurveda Way

Psoriasis can be defined as a skin condition, which is caused due to autoimmune disorders within the body. This is a condition where the skin on the body develops raised and dry areas which are reddish in colour while also being bordered by silvery scales. Treatment of psoriasis in Ayurveda: Ayurveda has a different slant to

How Ayurveda helps treat Hairfall ?

Hair fall has a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself, your self esteem and confidence. It is also true that it is a very common problem and can be controlled and stopped completely through proper treatment. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall has long term effects and it brings out the best results

How Ayurveda helps in managing Acidity ?

Gastric acids are chemicals provided by your stomach to aid digestion. But the corrosive effects they induce are counteracted by the secretion of other chemicals. It is when the secretion of these chemicals is impaired that it leads to damaged stomach lining, causing acidity, also known as acid reflux. Ayurveda promises some easy home treatments

Ways to improve Vision !

Did you know that your vision is responsible for around 80% of you sensory input? your eyes are among the most delicate organs in your body. Long work hours in front of the computer and long study hours results in tired and sometimes irritating eye conditions. But help isn’t too far. Before you head to

Ayurveda & its Importance

Ayurveda can only cure physical ailments. True or False? Take this quiz to know now. What makes Ayurveda the most effective kind of medical therapy? It treats the condition without any side effects or relapses. Ayurveda aims to improve overall health by holistically treating the body and mind. It uses a combination of herbal medicines, physical exercise,