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  • Herbal Cosmetics

    Narikela Thaila – Pure Coconut Oil

    188.30 160.06

    200ml ( For external Use Only )


    Narikela thaila can be applied to the skin as a moisturizer, for neonatal health, and to treat Eczema and other skin condition called Psoriasis. It is also used on hair and scalp to prevent hair damage and nourish encouraging hair growth.


    How to Use: Take sufficient qty of oil in a bowl , make it warm and apply it on the body and face 15- 30 mins before bath and also before sleep for better results.

    For Psoriasis or Dry Skin –  Take sufficient qty of oil in a bowl mix equal qty of Charmaraksha Oil – P, make it warm and apply it on the body or face 30 mins before bath.


  • Herbal Cosmetics

    Nurturing Ayurveda Bathing Powder

    192.00 163.20

    100gm (For external use only)


    Vajraayu’s Nurturing Ayurveda bathing powder has Triphala with rasna that detoxifies and tones the body. Neem and haridra offers anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Anti-oxidants present in this powder provides anti aging boost while simultaneously rejuvenating the skin.


    All time bathing powder for all skin type

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Bone Health

    Shishuposhana Thaila – K

    367.60 312.46

    200ml ( For External use Only )


    Shishuposhana Thaila is recommended for complete body massage for children.  This oil has innumerable medicinal properties by virtue of its ingredients and method of preparation. It is an excellent ayurvedic oil which is used for baby’s body massage as it helps to improve skin glow, hair growth & bone health. It is a must for growing babies.


    How to Use: Take sufficient qty of oil in a bowl, make it warm and apply it on baby’s body 10-20 mins before bath. Use daily for better results.