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    Detoxification Kit – 12 Days

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    Try our Detoxification kit !!!

    In order to stay healthy and fit one should carry out Panchakarma methods( Detox Therapies ) as a way of cleansing and servicing the body. The greatest benefit of this system is preventing possible serious illness due to obstruction of channels or ducts due to Obesity, PCOD and many more disorders.

    It is also used in deep rooted chronic disease as well as seasonal imbalance of tri-doshas. As the wastes are eliminated from the body the person becomes healthy.


    Duration: 12 days

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    Rasayana Syp – B

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    Rasayana Syp helps in the management of a range of disorders affecting the nervous system. It acts as a nerve tonic and improves the functions of the nervous system. This medicine can be used to treat paraplegia, hemiplegia, neuralgia, arthritis, and spondylosis.


    Dosage : 10-15ml twice a day with 10ml warm water after food or as directed by the physician.


    Qty: 450ml